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Mee’s picture archiving and communications system (PACS) provides near-instant access to images and reports from multiple locations. Images are captured electronically at each modality and sent to a digital archive, then distributed electronically and interpreted on a workstation in Diagnostic Imaging. The PACS archive sends the images and report to a web server. Patient information is then securely available to authorized users on any web-enabled personal computer via the system’s internet network.

That means that a radiologist or orthopedic surgeon living in or vacationing in Monterey can access his or her patient’s records with the ease of someone working on an in-hospital LAN. We know that images and results need to be available to any authorized user, anywhere, anytime. Bottom line: Doctors at Mee can do their work wherever there is a personal computer.

Our PACS is not just about softcopy interpretation or going filmless just in Diagnostic Imaging. Images and results are available to every authorized user no matter where they are in the Mee network (“radiology without boundaries”).

In Mee’s all-digital environment, physicians no longer have to wait for images to be filmed or lost studies to be found because information can be quickly retrieved from the PACS archive. Through the immediate routing of images to workstations for interpretation, report turnaround time is reduced and patient care is improved due to earlier decisions on management.

PACS brings the image to the physician, rather than the physician wasting precious time searching for films. And images can be securely viewed and access from multiple and remote locations which also increases clinical efficiencies and productivity.

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