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50 Years with Mee Memorial

Old Front Entrance of Mee Memorial Hospital

World War II had yet begun, when in 1941 the first full-fledged hospital opened in King City because of the tenacity and dedication of a small cadre of physicians, led by Dr. L.M. Andrus. This 22-bed, single-story facility on Broadway (where King City True Value Hardware is now located), was known as the Southern Monterey County Memorial Hospital. During its more than 20-year existence, it was the place where thousands of babies were born and hundreds of lives saved. It was a small town hospital and greatly appreciated by its residents. It is still the only hospital within 50 miles and serves an area of several thousand square miles.

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How We've Grown

How We've Grown

Concerning Progress


Sharyl Hudson, Gay Elliot & Lynne Gardiner

...a prime essential in any undertaking, is more important in a hospuital than in most other efforts.

The hospital which does not move forward with the daily increasing knowledge and capabilities of modern science is in realty moving backward. This is a move which must not be tolerated when the commodity with which we deal is that of human lives.

As we note the first anniversary, October 1, of the opening of George L. Mee Memorial Hospital, we can say with confidence that the continuing program concerned with progress is part of the hospital’s effort to move forward, to be part of and offer service to the area community...

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The Movers & Shakers

The Movers & Shakers

These are the men who were primarily responsible for the fundraising and construction of Mee Memorial Hospital.

— Front Row, Left to Right —

Dr. L.M. Andrus, original Chairman of the Board. E.L. Rianda, member of the original Board. Julius Trescony, who joined the Board during the first fund drive.

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