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At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!


Mee Foundation hands out honors at annual meeting

By Suzi Taylor
King City Rustler, February 17, 2010

Marion and Pat Pope were presented with a plaque and flowers as a gesture of thanks for their tireless hard work over many years.

Mee Memorial Hospital Foundation members gathered in January for the annual meeting which was held in the administration’s conference room.

“I am so happy to welcome you here,” said Raye Ann Houx, outgoing president of the foundation. “We are privileged to have here tonight some of the people who resurrected this organization in the ‘80s and brought it once again to the forefront of the community.”

Houx was referring to Linc and Dee Handley and Pat and Marion Pope who were honored by the foundation board for their hard work and dedication in the late 1980s and for the next couple decades when they brought awareness, rounded up members for the foundation and raised money for the hospital.

“We are happy to come and see that the foundation and hospital is alive and well,” said Dee Handley. “There were many days we weren’t sure that was going to happen. There was no limit to what we would do to keep it alive.”

That included a organizing a huge fundraising annual flea market and, even more importantly, opening and running the first foundation office. Dee added that when they gave $15,000 for piece of equipment that was used to test to see if a patient has suffered a heart attack, Linc was the first to use it.

Pat and Marion Pope were also instrumental in the energizing of the foundation, including the very successful golf tournament and dinner. Modestly Pat Pope commented, “It takes people who have a heart to do things for other people and this foundation does that.”

Both couples were presented with plaques and flowers and a rousing round of applause.

Also honored was Felipa Daniel who has singlehandedly organized the Walk with Mee event which has raised more than $11,000 over the past five years for the foundation. She was given sincere thanks from the board and a plaque and flowers.

John Myers, board member and office manager for the foundation, announced the new Lifetime Members for 2009, those who have give $1000 or more. Included are: Dr. and Mrs. Obiloh Egu, Lex and Becky Smith, Suzi Taylor, Vince and Tina Lopez, South Valley Auto Plaza and Daniel and Janeel Welburn.

In addition Myers showed a plaque with the Mee Memorial Hospital Foundation Premier Sponsors that will be hung in the place of prominence in the Hospital. Included are: Mission Ranches, Monterey Anesthesia Partners, L.A. Hearne Co., Lynn’s Too!, BigValley Labor, First Street Storage, Casey Printing, Salinas Valley Fair, Calpine and South County Newspapers.

Lex Smith, CEO, gave a report about new services and physicians, the improved financial situation including 10 months of profit, new 16-slice CT scanner, new community relations program, expanded relationships with Ft. Hunter Liggett and the prison facilities in Soledad.

“We still have a long way to go, but things are definitely getting better at Mee Memorial,” He said. “We are trying to grow in the right spots with the right talent.” New board members Daymond and Laurie Slaten and Michele Ing were elected to the board and at the ensuing organizational meeting officers for the year were elected including: Ron Childers, president; Ed Kleber, vice president; Roger Bortzini treasurer; and Susi Taylor, secretary.

Dee and Linc Handley were honored as the dynamic duo who were instrumental in resurrecting the hospital foundation in 1986 and working tirelessly for many years to make it successful.

New board members for Mee Memorial Hospital Foundation include Michele Ing (from Left), Laurie Slaten and Daymond Slaten.

Officers for Mee Foundation for 2010 are Treasure Roger Borzini (from left), President Ron Childers, Secretary Suzi Taylor and Vice President Ed Kleber.


At MEE It's All About YOU

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