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At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!


Antonia Viscarra, M.D., set to begin at Mee Memorial in July

By Sean Roney
King City Rustler, June 16, 2010

Mee Memorial Hospital continues to add physicians to its staff.

“We have another physician joining us July 19,” said Mee Memorial CEO Lex Smith. “Antonio Viscarra will provide service in family practice, obstetrics, deliveries, and he also has a fellowship in palliative care. He’s an outstanding professional and we’re very excited that he has decided to join our staff.”

Smith said Viscarra has been finishing up with house hunting in the King City area, so that he can begin moving in during July, and have his wife and family relocate to South County.

“He’s been here on three occasions before,” said Smith. “He has been very engaged in meeting with the physicians and staff. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.”

Viscarra is finishing up a palliative care fellowship with the University of California San Francisco-Fresno. He had completed a Fifth Pathway Program, a transition program for foreign physicians Smith explained, in New York in 2005. Before that, Viscarra received his Physician Surgeon Degree in Guadalajara, where he had met and befriended Dr. John Fejes, another recent addition to the Mee Team.

“He has been licensed in California since 2007,” noted Smith.

When asked about the importance of Viscarra’s skill set, Smith said, “Family practice physicians serve as the primary care physicians. When an individual needs a person to provide their care, generally the first place they start is with a family practice physician to take care of tall their needs.” He said from there, the family practice physician can then refer a patient to specialists, surgeons or even nurse practitioners.

“It’s very important that all hospitals like Mee Memorial have a very good group of primary care physicians, and we do have a very good group of primary care physicians,” Smith Said.

Smith went on to say, “The obstetrics and delivery are very important components of our services. Last month we delivered over 50 babies at Mee Memorial Hospital. We’re delivering an average of over two babies per day. With that delivery service also goes the ultrasounds and all the pre-natal care. That’s all being coordinated through the family practice obstetrics physician.”

Overall, Smith described the skills Viscarra possesses as, “Very much a component of continuum of care.”

When speaking of recent additions to the Mee Team, Smith announced that two weeks ago Dr. Khuong Phui was notified he passed his board. “He’s now a board certified family practice physician,” Smith said.

The addition of physicians to Mee Memorial Hospital comes as part of a restructuring effort by new management. That effort was the highlight of a recent strategic planning retreat. The Board of Trustees along with the Senior Management Team of the hospital and the Medical Executive Committee held the retreat, which took place at the Hartnell College King City campus on April 22.

“We revised the mission statement of the hospital,” said Smith. “We also met and developed a three year goal for the hospital for 2010 through 2013.”

That new mission statement, Smith said, now reads as, “Mee Memorial Hospital provides health care and access to comprehensive health services in a professional caring environment.”

Along with new guiding words, Smith said the five areas that would be focuses on in the next three years were (in no particular order): Ensure financial vitality and sustainability. Maintain and modernize facilities, infrastructure, equipment and information systems. Expand hospital services. Assure quality care and Join Commission accreditation. Attract, develop and retain medical and professional staff.

“We were very pleased with the retreat. We have scheduled another one that will be held in October,” said Smith. “We’ll try to do this every six months to be updated on where we’re going and developing long term goals and directions for the hospital.”

Another area discussed at the retreat was the recruitment of new board trustee members.

Smith said, “We currently have seven board members, and our goal by the end of the year is to be at nine board members.”

As a result of the retreat, Smith said the full board, plus three board committees, are now dedicated to working on the goals set out. “The hospital hadn’t had a planning retreat in several years, so this really allowed us to work a lot with senior management, and have a lot of really good dialogue with the Medical Executive Committee,” he explained.


At MEE It's All About YOU

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