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At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!


Zaro to replace Cooper at Family Medical Center

By Sean Roney
King City Rustler, July 2010

There are changes going on at Mee Memorial Hospital, from transitions in directors to educational programs starting up.

Dr. Jay Cooper is going to be leaving the area, and as he leaves the Mee team, the former Cooper Clinic is to be renamed the Family Medical Center. Mee Memorial CEO Lex Smith announced that Christina Zaro will replace Cooper as the medical director.

“Dr. Khuong Phui is now able to do colonoscopies at the hospital,” said Smith. “That’s an upgrade in services as we now have two physicians that are doing colonoscopies.”

In addition to those changes, Smith announced two new physicians about to come on board the Mee team. Starting July 19, Dr. Antonio Viscarra will begin. Smith said he has already relocated to the area.

Smith also announced a new contract in place with the second new physician. “Dr. Georgiana Bustamante will be relocating from Albuquerque, New Mexico,” he said. “She is a family practice and obstetrics physician, and will be starting Sept. 15.”

Smith also had news about himself that benefits the hospital. “I have recently received an announcement from the American College of Health Care Executives that they have re-certified med as a Fellow. It’s a designation of leadership and expertise in health care management. They have different levels of certification, with the Fellowship being the highest level.”

Describing himself as having been a Fellow for several years, he said maintaining that status requires regular recertification every three years.

Smith said the title is part of his services in the California Hospital Association Rural Health Center. He explained, “The Rural Health Center evaluates health care initiatives based on those that are important for rural hospitals. I meet in Sacramento every three months with representatives regarding what’s going on in rural health care and how we can be a factor in working to promote programs, services and financing to promote rural hospitals like Mee Memorial Hospital.”

The hospital has also recently joined the rural physician training program with UC Davis School of Medicine. “We have been involved in training program with just family practice medical students for years. The Rural-PRIME is a full and complete program with four specialties: Family Practice, pediatrics, internal medicine and OBGYN.”

Smith described the Rural-PRIME by saying, “It’s for medical students that are interested in going into rural environments and serving as physicians in those environments. That’s why we linked up with them because they actually have a program catering specifically around what we do at Mee Memorial Hospital. Also, it has a rural center of excellence component, which is what Mee Memorial just signed up for.”

Smith said over the next three years, the hospital will aim to get designated as a rural center of excellence by UC Davis.

Smith also said, “We continue our ongoing programs. The Broadway clinic has new signs up. We’re in the process of updating our centers with signs. We’re doing some landscaping of the facility to make it more aesthetically pleasing. We’ve got some people from the community working on that, like the Foundation and the Clean and Green group from the Chamber of Commerce.”


At MEE It's All About YOU

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