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At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!


The Rustler, July 28, 2010

Felipa Daniel, who gave one of the roses, looks at the new dedication plaque with Ron Childers, Mee Memorial Hospital Foundation president, looking on.

With more than 20 new plaques in place among the scores of rose bushes in front of Mee Memorial Hospital, the hospital foundation is ready to host a rededication of the garden amid the fragrant blossoms.

“We are so glad we have been able to spruce up this beautiful garden and replace the plaques from the people who gave these roses in memory or honor of someone close to them,” said Ron Childers, foundation president.

The rededication will be this Saturday morning at 10.

“This is a chance for us to show how we are working to pay tribute to some of the people who have been so generous to the hospital,” he added. “I hope even if you have not dedicated a rose, you will come to this event.”

John Myers, foundation director and volunteer office manager, has been working on the project for a long time gathering names of people who gave the roses from sometimes rather sketchy records.

“Design-a-Sign did a great job for us designing and creating the new attractive plaques,” commented Myers.

Conatser Welding fabricated the posts.

“The rose garden is such a beautiful asset to the entrance area to the hospital,” said Childers. “People walk through that area all the time and it will be nice to have the proper acknowledgements of the people who have donated the roses.”

Anyone interested in dedication of one of the remaining roses in honor or memory of someone should contact Myers at 385-6256.


At MEE It's All About YOU

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