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At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!


By Sean Roney
King City Rustler, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010

In addition to passing a new fiscal year budget and adopting a set of goals for the year, the Mee Memorial Board has elected a new member.

Dr. Roy Schindelheim, currently the medical staff chief at the hospital, will become a board member effective Nov. 19. With the transition to becoming a board member, Schindelheim will no longer be chief of staff.

“There will be new chief of staff appointed then, selected by the medical staff,” said Mee Memorial CEO Lex Smith.

He explained that this will make for two physicians on the board, “Because the chief of staff is an executive official voting member of the board.”

Smith said Schindelheim will stay on as an active member of the board, after having been serving on board for last two years as chief of staff. He noted that Schindelheim will still remain on staff as an active medical staff member.

“That will get us to nine board members,” Smith said.

Along with the boost in membership, Smith also said the board passed their new fiscal year budget, which took effective on Nov. 1.

“We also approved the hospital goals for the fiscal year, for Oct. 2010 through Sept. 2011,” Smith said. “It incorporates everything from budget to long term objectives and goals for the next year. These goals are not only financial, but aimed at providing direction for recruiting physicians, services and a combination of different objectives. These are the major thirteen initiatives the hospital is taking this year. We hope to achieve all those and exceed them.”

The first goal listed is for the hospital to achieve a net profit of $2 million in the fiscal year. Some other items include: Continuing payment to Rabobank and the Creditor’s Committee, refinancing the facility’s debt, reducing the accounts receivable days to 79, achieve direct deposit for employee payroll, complete the expansion of the King City clinic to support three new physicians, renovation of the Greenfield Clinic, upgrade of IT systems, expansion of the Hospital Awareness Program, expansion of the service capability and increasing patient satisfaction.

When asked if all thirteen goals can be met, Smith said, “Some of them might not be achieved until the end of the fiscal year, but the list lays out groundwork and a framework for the fiscal year.”

The strategic planning meetings, established earlier this year, will also continue this month. Smith said this latest meeting will focus on the accomplishment of the thirteen goals. The board, hospital management and the medical executive committee will take part in the meeting.

With the closing of the fiscal year, Smith said the current unofficial projection is the hospital will have a little over $1 million in profit. That number still has to be verified by audit, he said. He compared that to last fiscal year, where the hospital has a net loss of about $1.2 million.


At MEE It's All About YOU

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