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At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!

At Mee It's All About YOU!


Luis O. Mendoza, dialysis patient at Mee Memorial Hospital’s Dialysis Unit, tries out one of the 10 new chairs purchased for the department by the hospital’s Service League.  Looking on are Joe Houx, LVN, (from left); Elgin Parson, Service League member; and Elizabeth Hermosillo, dialysis intake coordinator.

Imagine having to sit in a chair for five or six hours a day, three times a week, while your blood is filtered with life-saving dialysis. A comfortable, functional chair would be of upmost importance.

The patients at Mee Memorial Hospital’s Dialysis Unit are enjoying just that, 10 new chairs that replace the old ones that were just about worn out. “They were so badly needed,” said Virgie Ponce, dialysis unit manager. “We put a request in to the Service League and before you know it, the new chairs were ordered. They were so wonderful to do that.”

“The Service League is really proud to be able to help out with that equipment,” said Donna Palmer, president. “We want to buy as much equipment as we can for all the departments of the hospital.”

Ponce said at any time there are about 40 people scheduled for dialysis. “They come in at least three times a week and a comfortable chair is important. If there is a problem with low blood pressure we can drop the head down and feet up. This is a very busy place. We have patients from Soledad all the way to the county line.”

Palmer said that the money the Service League raises is intended to be used to improve the hospital. Funds are raised through the “Do-Gooder” (Get me out of Jail!) event held in med-February, the annual bake sale the first Friday in December, jewelry sales and, of course, the gift shop, which is open all year and carries a variety of items.

“We are always looking for more volunteers,” said Palmer. “We are here to help out at Mee Memorial by manning the information desk, running the gift shop, calling bingo and pushing wheelchairs and anything else we are asked to do. We try to do as much as we can do for the hospital and the community.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should stop by the gift shop or call Sharron Long, membership chair, at 385-1893.


At MEE It's All About YOU

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