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Community Health Needs Assessment

A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), is a study that identifies key health needs and issues through systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis. This assessment is a requirement for non-profit healthcare systems and is conducted every three years to help us learn about needs of the health, behaviors, and better meet the needs of the community.

We invite you to view current and past reports:

New in 2022 - Monterey County Health Needs Collaborative

The Monterey County Health Needs Collaborative is a partnership between Mee Memorial Healthcare System and all other hospitals of the county (Natividad, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula), the Monterey County Health Department, and United Way Monterey County. The Collaborative was formed to improve efficiencies and synergies amongst groups all working towards the same goal; improving the health and well-being of Monterey County residents. In 2022, we worked with Professional Research Consultants (PRC), a health research consultant, to produce an overall CHNA for Monterey County and each healthcare system’s individual report.

Next, each Healthcare System will analyze the data and collaborate on implementation strategies based on their service area needs and the ability to leverage strengths and resources to improve opportunities and services for individuals, and for the community as a whole.