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About MEE

Mee Memorial Healthcare System continues to improve and expand, when appropriate, to meet both inpatient and outpatient needs of the hospital’s service area its inpatient and outpatient services. In the past 15 years, a “new” Mee has been built. In addition to our hospital services, Mee Memorial has a network of three clinics to serve its clientele: 2 in King City and 1 in Greenfield County.

It was the community itself that gave birth to Mee Memorial Healthcare System. The loyal support the hospital has received during its history, along with the dedication of the staff and board of directors, are, in no small measure, responsible for the hospital’s longevity.

The hospital very much appreciates and respects this support and strives to be good stewards of the community’s trust. As the community and this hospital move forward, there is no greater defense of good health than personal responsibility. Eat well, exercise, learn what it takes to stay healthy, find a healthy balance between work and home life, and wash your hands.

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