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Human Resources Department

Our healthcare system significantly contributes to the well-being and improvement of patients’ lives and requires an extraordinary workforce who are passionate and solution-oriented

What Our Human Resources Journey Is For

Our Department Mission

Our talented, innovative, and diverse team strives to perform under a philosophy of professional transparency and accountability and exhibit a solid understanding of the healthcare system’s strategic business needs. Each customer and vendor engagement is an opportunity to exceed their expectation by accurately assessing what they want, communicating and problem-solving efficiently, and reflect competency in the department’s credibility, customer orientation, and leadership.

Our Vision

We will be a catalyst that promotes Mee Memorial as the “Employer of Choice” by consistently representing the organization as an inclusive and supportive culture, promoting highly market-competitive benefits and compensation, and a work environment promoting excellence and high engagement. The Human Resources Department is committed to anticipating and responding to the changing work-life needs of the workforce.

Mee Memorial Healthcare System

Our Corporate Integration

Human Resources plays a vital role in promoting and sustaining a culture of trust and accountability, encouraging a high performing and well-equipped workforce to be creative and develop solution-oriented protocols and “Human Resources Intelligence” technology. Integrating and aligning human resource best practices with the corporation’s strategic business plans is a welcomed and effective partnership.



Engage Executives in the Human Resources Operations (HRO)

  • Integrate the HRO in the system’s Business Plans
  • Identify and address patient services growth forecasting for timely and appropriate recruitment and retention needs
  • Investigate and implement effective employee partnership (hiring) models
  • Patient care and workforce concerns are resolved by a competent and responsive employee culture across all operational levels


Differentiate on Quality

  • Prospectively create high performance management dashboards to meet and exceed patient and employee satisfaction
  • Adopt applicable Malcom Baldridge elements for effective application of employee engagement initiatives which have proven to lead to desired business outcomes
  • Executives and management will build and sustain trust and confidence


Sustain Financial Viability

  • Financial considerations will reflect the thoughtful impact it will have on employees
  • Gains/losses are transparent and may be shared (bad times/good times) with the workforce
  • Compensation and benefits will align with fiscal responsibility and workforce sustainment.


Be a Strategic Resources Allocation Partner

  • Identify targeted workforce activities for quality and efficiency assessments opportunities
  • Measure the readiness of the employees to support growth and new patient services, and proactively provide the necessary assets


Workforce Development is Never Sacrificed for Profit

  • Attract highly qualified and motivated candidates, and integrate collaborative retention strategies to increase employee morale, reduce costly turnover, and delivery higher quality service and products by happier workforce
  • Facilitate skill-based development and desired behavioral attributes
  • Forecast and adapt to labor needs and succession planning
  • Rapid, deliberate, and appropriate response to presence of employee concerns

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