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Guest Column | Mee Memorial Recognizes Team Approach in Healthcare During National

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  • Written By: Rena Salamacha, CEO, Mee Memorial Healthcare System

Providing quality healthcare in the modern world requires effective teamwork — a strategy that can immediately and positively affect both patient safety and outcome. Due to the increasingly complex specialization of care, it’s rare to find a lone medical professional able to solely deliver a level of care that satisfies his or her patients. The evolution in healthcare requires parallel professional development with an extreme focus on a patient-centered team approach. This can only be achieved by placing the patient at the center of care — with doctors, technicians, nurses and more all sharing a wide-based culture of values and principles. This team-oriented approach reveals itself each day throughout Mee Memorial Healthcare System, where a collective assortment of professionals provide care to our treasured rural community in South County.

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