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Swing Bed Program

Receive Faster Care, Close to Home.

At Mee Memorial Hospital, we offer safe, skilled care for those not yet able to move independently. Sometimes it’s necessary to remain hospitalized beyond the critical stage of an illness, injury or surgery. For instance, specific treatments such as physical or speech therapy may be necessary.

Our Swing Bed Program makes it possible for you to remain at the hospital for these support services until you can return home while being cared for by our expert team in a medical setting. Our goal is to make sure you are returned to health so you can get back to your way of life quickly and avoid readmission to the hospital. This short-stay program serves those who are in a transition phase of illness or recovery and no longer require acute care services.

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Patients Commonly Seen in the Swing Bed Program

The majority of the patient in the swing bed programs include:

  • Patients who need extended intravenous (IV) therapy needs for orthopedic surgeries such as hip/knee replacements
  • Fractures, especially severe or complex fractures
  • Post-op patient
  • Neurological disorder patients, including stroke patients
  • Any patients experiencing generalized weakness due to CHFCOPD, pneumonia, other chronic conditions

Patients who qualify for the Swing Bed Program:

  • Have Medicare part A
  • Require either skilled nursing or therapy services

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Covered by most insurance

  • Up to 20 days covered in full (Medicare)
  • Up to 100 days with co-payment (Medicare)
  • Medicare supplement may pay deductible
  • Other insurance may also qualify
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