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Service League History

Volunteers - Pink Ladies, Candy Stripers... Then

Mrs. Emil Meyer First President Of Auxiliary

Mrs. Emil Meyer was elected president of the newly formed hospital auxiliary at a meeting held yesterday in the high school library. Chosen to serve with her are Mrs. Lester Smart, vice-president, Mrs. James Pettitt, secretary, Mrs. Jack Turner, treasurer.

March 1966

This year’s gift to Mee Memorial Hospital from the Volunteer Auxiliary is a thermometer shaker which will save much time and energy for nurses who must take many temperatures many times each day. The machine will also help them with this routine duty. Presenting the check are Juliette Palmer, president, Stella Homen, Catherine Whitney, Gertrude Butler to Ruth Records, hospital administrator. Pink Ladies have also assisted with the purchase of a defibrillator and operating equipment.

July 1969

Candy Stripers have a new set of officers to direct activities for the new year. Seated are Alane Van Every, secretary; Karen Meurer, president; Margie Chavez, vice-president; Standing are Judy Camarillo, coffee shop chairman; Wendy Johnsen, treasurer; Pat Graves, publicity chairman; and Lollie Lopez, reception desk chairman.

July 1963

Looking over records for their new duties as officers of George L. Mee Memorial Hospital Auxiliary are Mrs. James Petit, vice-president, Mrs. Roy Nisson, president, and Mrs. Emil Meyer, retiring president who will serve as treasurer this year. Officers were installed at a meeting in ranch House Lanes to complete the charger of the group.

December 1962

One of the prettiest in town is the Christmas tree which decorates the lobby of Mee Memorial Hospital which was trimmed by “Pink Ladies” Mrs. James Petit, Mrs. Emil Meyer, and Mrs. L.A. McKinsey. Other attractive arrangements adding color for the holidays are to be seen throughout the hospital and coffee shop.

September 1965

New officers chosen last week by Candy Stripers at Mee Memorial Hospital are Connie Vessels, vice president; Linda Pope, president; Cheryl Van every, secretary. Election was held at a regular meeting during which the constitution was also adopted. Summer work for the girls is complete and winter weekend schedules are being planned. In mid-October points will be acknowledged and awards presented for service to members. Linda took over duties from retiring president Abby Whitney.

March 1966

Always time for a treat in the hospital coffee shop with Pink Ladies on duty. Here Sharon Larig is about to sample a piece of cake served to her by Paula Riddle who is in charge of calling members to bring the confections to the shop.

October 1972

Award for 1500 hours of Pink Lady service was presented to Mrs. James Johnsen, left, Tuesday at the annual awards luncheon by Miss Ruth Records, Mee Memorial Hospital administrator, center. With them is Mrs. Lloyd Pickering, Pink Ladies president.

October 1966

A Saturday luncheon meeting served as the occasion for the installation of new officers for the Candy Stripers of Mee Memorial Hospital. Pictured are Nancy Park, secretary; Doty Correl, president; Connie Olds, vice president-treasurer; Standing behind them is Lydia Reyna, only one of the girls who received her pin for 50 hours of volunteer service in one semester. The 40 active Candy stripers contributed 1192 hours of service in the hospital during the last year. Mrs. Thomas Pettitt and Mrs. Gene Pinkston are advisors.

March 1966

Patient service is a daily duty for Pink Ladies who take magazines, writing materials and newspapers to patients. Here Kate Fudge and Kit McCay start on the round with their cart full of items to be chosen by the patients.