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Women's Health

See a King City Gyencologist at Mee Memorial Healthcare System

Mee Memorial Healthcare System offers gynecology and well woman’s health services from board-certified family medicine providers who care. Our providers help women protect their health through common conditions that affect the female body such as menstruation, routine checkups, and prenatal care, among others

Should I See a Gynecologist?

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the female reproductive system (GYN). This includes services like birth control counseling and prescriptions, pap smears, STI screening, pelvic exams, colposcopies, and regular checkups.

The best way a woman can protect her health is through preventative care, including getting a yearly well-woman health checkup. During an appointment with your gynecologist, you may undergo evaluations to collect specimens for lab tests, such as during a pap smear, and to check for abnormal cells that may indicate cervical cancer. Your gynecologist will determine which tests you need depending on your age, overall health, and your sexual history. We encourage women to see their gynecologist for anything related to their reproductive or sexual health.

Women’s Health Services We Offer

Gynecologists commonly provide screenings and treatment for female health concerns so they can provide the most precise treatment and care. This includes everything from administering the HPV vaccine (there is a series of 3 injections to protect against “Human Papilloma Virus,” also called genital warts, which can lead to cervical cancer), birth control counseling, screening for sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STIs/STDs), and much more.

We offer the following health screenings for women:

  • Breast cancer screenings: Women aged 40 and over should be routinely screened with mammograms, a type of breast X-ray that takes images of each breast to screen for potentially malignant tumors (breast cancer). Some insurance plans allow for women to have a baseline mammogram taken as early as age 35.
  • Urogynecology: This subspecialty of gynecology manages disorders the affect the pelvic floor and bladder of female patients, including urinary incontinence, which can offer be diagnosed via a pelvic exam.
  • Abnormal pap smear treatment: Pap smears in which a gynecologist collects cervical cells to test and diagnose potentially abnormal cells which could indicate HPV or cervical cancer.
  • STI/STD Testing and Treatment: Many diseases can be transmitted via sexual contact, such as HIV, hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HSV II (genital herpes) and others. We can detect these treatable infections quickly and discretely and help you prevent future infections.
  • Colposcopy: This is a test to check for lesions that are potentially cancerous that can be seen, with magnification of the cervix, vagina, and vulva. It is also called a pelvic exam.
  • Birth control counseling: There are many forms of female birth control, but the only birth control that protects both against pregnancy and STIs/STDs is condoms. We also can provide other birth control options that are highly effective, such as oral contraceptives (birth control pills) or more (semi) permanent options like IUD placement.
  • Prenatal care: We offer fertility for women trying to get pregnant and prenatal care for women before and during their pregnancy up to labor and delivery of their infant.
  • And more
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