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Mee Memorial is a Baby-Friendly Hospital

Baby-Friendly Hospitals are held to the highest standards for the care and feeding of new babies and have been verified by a third-party (Baby-Friendly USA) that holds them accountable. These hospitals are prepared to help you and your new baby get off to the best start.

Babies stay close to their mothers right after birth so they can
breastfeed as soon as they are able

Mothers and babies stay together day and night, so they have the best chance to get to know each other

Baby-Friendly sites do not distribute samples from formula manufacturers— this practice discourages families from providing only mother’s milk

Mee Memorial staff are trained in the care of breastfeeding mothers and babies, and any early problems can be taken care of quickly. If breastfeeding worries arise after you and your baby go home, Mee Memorial has staff who can help.

For more information about what makes a Baby-Friendly Hospital, please visit: Baby-Friendly USA.

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